We are often asked about our warranty. Dillon will provide you with a one year written warranty. But if you ask anyone who has ever used our company's services they will tell you that our warranty is unlimited as long as the problem was caused by our workmanship. So basically if we did it, we will fix it.

Although your building has a warranty, you still need to maintain the building! From the ground to the roof maintenance is the key to making your building stand through the test of time.

Here are some maintenance tips:

1. Keep dirt and grass from building up around the building, this can cause your building to rust.

2. Never lean material’s or objects against wall panels, the panels are not designed to support any weight other than the designed wind loads.

3. Keep bottom of downspouts free and clear to allow water to flow freely.

4. Overhead doors need adjusting periodically. Do not attempt to tighten door springs. Call a professional overhead door company.

5. Walk doors should not be propped open with objects between door leafs and door frames. This can cause the hinges to be bent.

6. Wall fans and louvers should be serviced twice a year.

7. Keep floors clean from any corrosive materials such as salts, acids, sand, ect.

8. Cranes should be checked at least twice a year. They need to be greased and the bolts in the crane and crane way need to be tightened. Remember to never work on cranes without locking the electrical panel.

9. If your building has a winch to open and close the vents, do not over winch. You can cause severe damage to the vent and possibly injure yourself.

10. Brace rods in the wall and in the roof should never be removed without written permission from the structural engineer.

11. You should check and clean gutters and downspouts at least once a year.

12. Closures under roof sheets at the eave should be checked to assure they are in good shape.

13. Roof penetrations should be checked to see if the caulking is in good shape.

14. Check for loose screws on the roof. Do not leave any materials on the roof. Materials left on the roof overnight can cause rust to begin. Always sweep metal debris off the roof as soon as possible.

15. To walk on the roof be sure to walk on the flat part of the panel or on the purlin line that is identified by the screws (usually 12” apart).

16. Ridgevents should also be checked for deteriorating closures and caulking.

17. Skylights should be checked for cracks, BUT NEVER WALK OR STAND ON SKYLIGHTS. They will not support any weight.

18. If you have a tiltwall building with a concrete parapet wall, check fasteners and caulking from the flashing to the tiltwall panels.