At Dillon, we take safety very seriously and make it one of our top priorities.

Dillon takes a zero tolerance attitude for drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on any jobsite at any time. All employees are subject to random drug testing100 0833 640x479 at the discretion of Dillon.

When a new employee comes to work at Dillon they undergo safety training. The training is not limited to, but includes learning how to properly run each piece of equipment we use and being educated in hazardous communications, fall protection, and much more.

Dillon also works hand in hand with a safety consultant. The consultant makes sure that Dillon is current with OSHA standards, provides the new employee training and also does jobsite inspections. We never know when they are coming but they show up and catch the crews off guard. This allows them to catch any safety mistakes, report them back to Dillon, and then we re-emphasize the importance of any mistake they may have found.

Each foreman also plays a key role in safety. They perform daily inspections on all of the equipment on the jobsite and upon noticing any damage remove the equipment from use.

As you can see Dillon Construction takes a no-nonsense approach to safety.